SUNDAY - Free hamradio callbook

 7:00pm ET  441.775+  no PL  Ripley County Amateur Radio Club (RCARC)  N/A
 7:00pm ET        ???
 7:00pm ET  146.835-  151.4  Mid-States Amateur Radio Club  ???
 8:00pm ET  147.045+  none  OCARC SUNDAY NITE NET  Yes #16002
 8:00pm ET  146.805-  none  Ripley County Net  ????
 9:00pm ET  146.730-  107.2  Hoosier Hills Ham Club Net  no
 9:30pm ET  145.330-  none  Owensboro, KY Net  yes #5652
 6:30pm ET  147.300+  136.5  Brown County ARES  no
 7:00pm ET  146.790-  100.0  Columbus DJ Net  no
 7:30pm ET  146.655-  103.5  Washington County Net  no
 7:30pm ET 1st & 3rd Mondays Only  147.525 Simplex  no  Bartholomew County ARES Net  no
 7:30pm ET  146.640-  136.5  Bloomington Net  no
 8:00pm ET  146.580  Simplex  Bloomington  no
 8:00pm ET  146.775-  136,5  Dugger ARC Net  no
 8:30pm ET  146.820-  103.5  Harrison County Net  no
 8:00pm ET  147.015+  103.5  CRAWFORD COUNTY ARES NET  NO
 7:00pm ET  146.610-  103.5  Scott County  ???
 8:00pm ET (First Tuesday of Month Only)  146.430 Simplex  No  Green County Emergency Services Net  No
 8:00pm ET (2nd thru Last Tuesday of Month)  147.240+  103,5  Green County Emergency Services Net  No
 8:00pm ET (2nd & 4th Tuesday of Month)  147.090+  151.4  Southern Indiana Skywarn  No
 8:30pm ET  146.790-  100.0  Columbus Radio Club  ???
 9:00pm ET  444.925+  136.5  W9WIN Wide Area Net  ????
 9:30pm ET  145.450-  no  Petersburg ARC Net  no
 8:00PM ET  145.250  123.0  LYNNVILLE NET  N/A
 7:00pm ET  146.70  No PL  Marion County ARES FM Voice Net  ???
 7:30pm ET  146.970-  107.2  Marion County Net  no
 8:00pm ET  147.060+  No  Morgan County Net  ???
 9:00pm ET  146.850-  No PL  Southeast Indiana ARES Net  ???
 9:00PM ET  146.790  88.5  Evansville Net  ???
 7:30PM ET  145.170-  no  Jefferson County Net  no
 8:00PM ET  147,345+  no  Carroll County,KY  no
 8:00PM ET  146.955-  no  Decatur County, IN  no
 8:00PM ET  147.045+  None  Orange County Emergency Services Net  YES #16002
 8:30PM ET  147.195+  107.2  Dubois County Net  no
 8:30PM ET  146.820-  103.5  Tri-County ARC Net  No

 9:00PM ET  KB9OHY Repeater  147.045+  *DO-DROP-IN* Conference Server Net  YES

75 & 80 Meter Nets
Times Listed In Eastern Time
 Day  Time  Frequency  Group  Mode
 Daily  4AM to 9AM  3973  Breakfast Club  LSB
 Daily  5AM to 6AM  3940  Early Bird Net  LSB
 Daily  5AM to 6AM  3947  Green Frog Net  LSB
 Daily  6AM  3985  Badger WX Net  LSB
 Daily  8:30AM & 6:00PM  3910AM&3940PM  Indiana Traffic Net  LSB
 Daily  8:30AM with prenet@8  3960  GOOD MORNING KY PHONE NET  LSB
 Monday thru Friday  9:00AM ET  3585  Indiana Traffic RTTY Net  LSB 45Baud
 Daily  7:00pm ET  3535  Indiana Slow Speed Net  CW (Go as slow as you want)
 Daily  9:30AM-8:00PM EST  3535  ITN CW Net (QIN)  CW
 Daily  9:00AM  3872  SSTV Net  LSB Digital
 Daily  9:00PM  3855  Awful, Awful,Ugly Net  LSB
 Every Friday  2300 UTC  3830  U.S.E.C.A. Phone Net  LSB
 WEDNESDAY  8:00PM EDT  3866  NO NAME NET/Ft. Wayne  LSB
 Daily  9PM  3970  Northwest Country Cousins  LSB
 Daily  9:30PM  3970  Southern Country Cousins  LSB
 Daily  10:30PM  3972.5  Midwest Country Cousins  LSB
 Daily  11PM  3970  Western Country Cousins  LSB
 Sun thru Friday  11:30 PM  3916  Freewheeler's Net  LSB
 Saturday  9:30AM  3965  Old National Road Net  LSB
 Wednesday Only  8:30PM ET  3583  INDIANA ARES DIGITAL NET (IDN)  USB OLIVIA 8/500 (16/500 if Band Bad) MT63 1K Long Used for Bulletins and Traffic
 Daily  5:00PM EST  3930KHz  Michigan Buzzards Roost Net  LSB
 Monday-Friday  5:30PM EST  3945KHz  Teenager's Net  LSB
 Saturday Nite Only  8:00 PM  3916KHz  FREEWHEELER's FREE-FOR-ALL (Very Informal)  LSB
 Daily  7:00PM EST  3905KHz  Illinois Sideband Net (Traffic)  LSB
 Daily  8PM EST  3985KHz  Interstate Sideband Net  LSB
 Mon-Fri  6:40AM, 7:45AM, 7:30PM EST  3980  Tennesee Phone Net  Sat-Sunday 9:00AM&7:30PM EST
40 Meter Nets
 Day  Time  Frequency  Group  Mode
 Daily  6AM to 8AM  7274.100  KornKobb Net  LSB
 Mon thru Fri  6AM to 7AM  7238  Rotten Apples  LSB
 Mon thru Fri  7AM to 8:30AM  7238  Classroon Net (22 Crew)  LSB
 Daily  7:30AM to 2PM  7255  ECARS  LSB
 Daily  8AM to 2PM  7258  MIDCARS  LSB
 Daily  8AM to 2PM  7272  72 CHEW  LSB
 Mon thru Sat  10AM to 12 Noon  7262  Professional Loafers Club  LSB
 Mon thru Sat  10AM to 12 Noon  7240  7240 Club  LSB
 Daily  11:30AM  7253.5  Kadiddlehoppers Net  LSB
 Mon thru Fri  12 Noon  7268.5  Noontime Net  LSB
 Mon thru Sat  12PM to 2PM  7262  SPARKYL Net  LSB
 Daily  3PM to 5PM  7268  68 Group  LSB
 Daily  5pm to ???  7268  68 Afterglow  LSB
 Mon-Wed-Fri  5PM  7230  No Name Net  LSB
 Tues-Wed-Thurs  7PM  7272  72 Nightwatch Net  LSB
 Mon-Fri  1:30PM  7253.5KHz  Central States Traffic net  LSB
 Monday thru Saturday  10am/1500Z  7234khz  CrackerBarrel Net  LSB
20 Thru 6 Meter Nets
 Day  Time  Freqency  Group  Mode
 Saturday  12 Noon  14230  ICVA SSTV Net  USB ANALOG
 Sunday  11:15  14215  IOOK  USB
 Wednesday  9:00PM EDT  28150  Friendship CW Net  CW
 Thursday  9:30PM EDT  28420  Talk-a-Round Net  USB
 Tuesday  8:00PM  50.580  Ft. Wayne Radio Club  USB
 SAT/SUN  3:00PM-1900Z  14.236  WinDRM/FDMDV Digital Voice Net  USB
Digital Modes Nets
 Day  Time  Freqency  Group  Mode
 Sunday  10AM Eastern  3583.5 USB  PA NBEMS  Olivia & MT63
 Sunday  11AM Eastern  7073 USB  PA NBEMS  Olivia & MT63
 Monday & Thursday  7:15PM Eastern  3578.5 USB 1300Hz Center  Virginia Digital Net (VDN)  Olivia 4/500
 Tuesday  11PM Eastern  3583 USB 1000Hz  MI Digital Net  Olivia 8/500
 Tuesday  7PM Central  3582 +1000Hz  Arkansas AHDNN NBEMS  MT63 1K & Olivia 8/500
 Tuesday  9PM Eastern  3578.5 +1500  ID Digital Net  PSK31
 Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday  8PM Eastern  3583 USB 1000Hz  MI Digital Traffic Net  Olivia 8/500
 Wednesday  7PM Eastern  7.036 mHz/1500Hz  USeast-NBEMS Net  Olivia 8/500 & MT63-1K
 Wednesday  8:30PM Eastern  3583 USB 1000Hz Center  INARES Digital Net (IDN)  Olivia 8/500
 Wednesday  8:30 Pacific  3564 +1000Hz  xcaNBEMS Calaveras  Olivia 8/500
 Thursday  Thursday 9 PM Eastern  3583.5 USB  MN ARES Digital Net  Olivia 16/500
 Saturday  10AM Eastern  7.036 mHz/1500Hz  NY-NBEMS Net  Olivia 8/500 & MT63-1K
 Saturday  12PM Central  14065 +1000Hz  Southern Territory SATERN Net  Olivia 8/500
 Saturday  7:30AM Eastern  3582  NH HF Digital Net  PSK125
 Daily (Sun-Sat)  6AM Eastern(10:00UTC)  3583USB (1000Hz Center)  INARES FLAMP BULLETINS  Various Modes (Use RxID)

 Orange County Emergency Services Net

 Freewheeler's Certificate
 If your a regular check-in of the FREEWHEELER's Net and you'd like to get your membership certificate printed in color on high quality certificate parchement, please mail $3.00 to Larry Jones WB9FHP, 1475 S. State Rd. 37, Paoli, IN 47454. Please print you name and callsign exactly as you wish it to appear on the certificate on your order!

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